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Building rules and regulations can be found in the tenants’ fully executed lease.  


All deliveries are to be made via the loading dock. The loading dock entrance is accessible from Spear Street between Howard and Folsom. Service elevator access is monitored by on-site security. Trucks up to 18’ in length and 15’ in height can be accommodated inside the loading dock.  There is a 30-minute limit per delivery.

  1. Hours for unlimited use of the service elevator are:
    • Weekdays from 6:00PM – 8:00AM
    • Saturday and/or Sunday – Anytime
  2. Service Elevator dimensions are:
    • Entrance: 52” wide x 84” high
    • Cab Dimensions: 64” wide x 9’ high x 93” deep
    • The elevator has a capacity of 3000 lbs. and serves all floors
  3. Please give five (5) business days (if possible) written notice to the Property Management Office prior to scheduling your move or large delivery.  This will prevent any scheduling conflicts with other tenants in the building.
  4. Include the following information in your notice to the Property Management Office:
    • Tenant name & suite number
    • Date of move and approximate start and finish times
    • Name and telephone number of person in charge of move
    • Moving company name, contact person and telephone number
  5. Additional security may be required for any moves/deliveries requiring more than one (1) trip or 30 minutes in the freight elevator. The additional security will be billed to the tenant at an hourly rate to be determined by the building’s security contractor.
  6. The tenant and/or their moving contractor are responsible for protecting all floors, doors, frames and jambs in their path of travel. Masonite or other hard surface moving material should be used for floor protection with carpet vacuumed after the move.  Floor protection should not be taped to the carpet as this leaves adhesive residue.
  7. Boxes and other rubbish are to be removed completely from the building by the moving contractor via the freight elevator and within the hours set forth above in item #1.
    • Please be sure that your moving contractor adheres to the above procedures as any damage to the common areas of the building will be the responsibility of the tenant.
    • A Certificate of Insurance and Vendor Letter Agreement are to be provided by the moving contractor prior to the move.  Insurance Certificate Requirements for Contractor/Vendor are enclosed with this package.

The preceding moving procedures have been provided with the safety and convenience of all building tenants in mind.  Please call the Management Office at 415.615.0285 as soon as you are aware of your need for the freight elevator so it can be coordinated.



The purpose of these Rules and Regulations is to inform the Contractors of their responsibility to this property during construction or remodeling of tenant spaces. Construction companies, electricians, plumbers, and personnel providing remodeling or repair services must be approved by the Property Management Office. It should be understood that the General Contractor is totally responsible for the action of its employees and subcontractors, and their compliance with these Rules and Regulations. At all times, General Contractor’s personnel should be aware that this property is not a construction site, but rather an occupied office building and therefore appropriate precautions to protect the property, the tenants, and the business atmosphere must be adhered to.

The Property Management Office maintains a list of qualified contractors who have performed work in the building and fulfilled the requirements listed below. If you prefer to use a contractor who is not pre-qualified, please contact the Property Management Office. 

All Contractors must be well-established with at least 5 years in business, be licensed in the jurisdiction of the property location to perform their trade work and provide references for comparable work in Class A commercial office space for the scope and quality of work tenant is proposing to complete.

The scope of these Rules and Regulations shall include, but not be limited to the following:

General: Work to be performed by any contractor within the property must be approved and scheduled in advance with the Property Management Office. All contractors must check in with the Property Management Office or Building Security and obtain a Contractor Identification Badge on a daily basis.  48-hour notice shall be given for any work request that involves the Fire/Life Safety systems at the property.

All required permits must be obtained prior to the start of any work and copies provided to the Property Management Office.

Upon completion, certificates of final approval must be obtained. Duplicates of all such permits, approvals, and certificates must be delivered to the Property Management Office as soon as they become available.

Insurance: All general contractors and subcontractors must provide a current certificate of insurance evidencing adequate workman’s compensation, general liability, and property damage coverage.

Site Condition and Protection: Contractor will provide floor, wall, and ceiling protection from the freight elevator to the entrance of the suite where the work is to take place. The type of protection is to be Masonite, with ends taped together to prevent tripping hazards. Protection will be provided by contractor for the freight elevator doorframe on the floor where the work is to take place. All carpet and elevator protection should be installed prior to the start of demolition or remodeling. Protection shall be maintained in a clean, safe manner and be left in-place throughout the duration of the work. The construction area is to be broom swept and all trash removed at the end of each work shift. Public areas leading to construction areas will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each work shift at the contractor’s expense. Contractor shall correct and repair any damages at their own cost.

Debris: Contractors will provide their own means of debris storage and removal. Contractor’s dumpster must be placed in the loading dock area with prior written approval from the Property Management Office as to the specific location. Debris must not spill or be left around the dumpster. Contractor is responsible for cleanliness of the area. The Property Management Office reserves the right to require Contractor to remove the dumpster with 24-hour notice.

Demolition debris can only be removed from the building on weekends or between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM Monday through Friday. The freight elevator must be reserved in advance through the property’s Work Order system. Paint and patching materials shall not be disposed of through the buildings plumbing. 


Noise and Noxious Odors: Particularly noisy work such as core drilling (or fume producing work such as oil-based painting) must be approved by and coordinated with the Property Management Office and performed on weekends or between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM Monday through Friday. Odor producing work, such as staining of doors, must be approved by and coordinated with the Property Management Office so action can be taken to dissipate fumes, protect/disable the smoke detectors, and arrange for additional security, if necessary. If security is necessary, contractor is to pay for said cost.

If contractors or subcontractors personnel use radios or other music playing devices, they must be turned down to a level not audible in any occupied or public areas. No loud or obscene language will be tolerated, and violators will be asked to leave the property. 

Egress and Ingress: All movement of contractors and subcontractor materials will be through the loading dock, service corridors and freight elevator. No passenger elevator(s) are to be used. The freight elevator may be used for small material movement during business hours with prior written approval from the Property Management Office. The loading dock is located at Spear Street, between Howard and Folsom.  

Large material deliveries or debris removal must be approved by and coordinated with the Property Management Office and be performed on weekends or between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM Monday through Friday. Access to the property outside of normal business hours must be requested at least 48-hours in advance and receive written approval from the Property Management Office. Delivery or removal of materials that are too large for the freight elevator must be coordinated with the Property Management Office.

A more detailed Building Work Rules and Regulations for Contractors will be distributed to contractors prior to the commencement of any work and acknowledgement of and agreement to Work Rules and Regulations must be received by the Property Management Office prior to commencement of any work.

Sustainability Considerations: All renovation and new construction projects of a scope that meets any of the following criteria shall also be required to comply with Columbia’s Sustainable Design & Construction Guidelines, which are available from the Property Management Office.

For projects which do not meet any of the criteria below, tenants are encouraged to implement any sustainable design and construction practices described in the guideline document to the extent that it is practical to do so.

  • New construction (including additions) 10,000 sf or greater.
  • Alterations of 20,000 sf or greater.
  • New, replaced, or relocated mechanical, electrical, or plumbing equipment that serves 20,000 sf or larger.
  • Projects having a new, replaced, and/or relocated, HVAC system with heating equipment size of 480,000 BTU’s or greater, or with a cooling equipment size of 600,000 BTUs or greater.
  • Projects are pursuing LEED, WELL, or other sustainable building certification.




Please contact the Property Management Office for the insurance contractor insurance requirements and refer to your Lease for Vendor Insurance requirements and information.


At Columbia, we recognize the vital role our suppliers play in helping us meet the needs and expectations of our many stakeholders. We rely on our suppliers to deliver the level of quality, service, value, efficiency, integrity, and innovation that we ourselves strive to provide to our tenants, investors, partners, employees, and communities. Therefore, we seek to build and maintain a diverse, competitive, and highly capable network of suppliers in and across the regions in which we operate.

Our supplier selection process is stringent and helps us identify and build relationships with suppliers that meet our needs and expectations, align with our goals, and share our values. We actively manage our suppliers and monitor their ongoing performance to promote and build the best possible relationship between our organizations. We also seek to work with suppliers from a diverse range of backgrounds, in order to drive innovation and create a more resilient supplier network for Columbia.


We are committed to holding ourselves and our supplier community to the highest standards of business conduct and integrity, and we expect all suppliers with whom we engage to operate in accordance with our Vendor Code of Conduct. Visit our website at for more details. 

We encourage our tenants to follow these same guidelines when selecting suppliers and invite you to utilize our list of preferred vendors that meet these requirements for excellence, capability, competitiveness, and diversity. Please contact the Property Management Office for a current list of preferred vendors for this property.



Columbia is committed to providing healthy buildings to all occupants. In compliance with local compliance/regulations and WELL Health Safety certification standards, smoking and the use of e-cigarettes and tobacco products is strictly prohibited in all areas of the building and anywhere onsite, including within 25 feet of any building entrance, operable windows, doors, outdoor air intakes, or outdoor seating areas. 


Flammable materials are not permitted anywhere on the premises. If, for any reason, you have any materials necessary for the operation of normal office equipment that require special care, they must be stored in safety containers, and the Property Management Team must be notified.



Canvassing, soliciting, peddling, and loitering are not allowed within the building.  If you are approached by a solicitor of any kind, contact the Property Management Office immediately and we will make every attempt to escort the individual from the building.


All holiday decoration must meet local and state authorities’ requirements regarding the use of or restriction against live materials. In addition, decorations may not impede any means of egress, and nothing is to be hung from or cover exit signs or sprinklers.

If you are interested in adding holiday décor in your office space or the building, please contact the Property Management Office for specific guidelines and recommendations. 

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